International Babywearing Week October 7-13th, 2013!

It is that time of year again…International Babywearing Week is almost here!!!  Are you excited?!?!  If not you should be!  We have so much going on you will want to join in the fun!

First things first…  Have you seen our brand new beautiful logo?  We are having T shirts made to celebrate this wonderful week!  You can order your T-shirts at  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PREORDER.  Your shirts must be ordered and paid for by 10/5/2013 at 10pm.  Please feel free to email for more information.


Our beautiful new logo was designed by Kate Oberg.

How is Babywearing International of Central Missouri Celebrating International Babywearing Week 2013?  Get you and your families ready for some fun!  Be sure your cameras are ready! We will be posting your pictures on our facebook page as well.  Please be sure to post pictures you are ok with sharing!  One lucky member who signs up this week will get a free membership.  What did that say?  You read it correctly, one lucky member will have their membership dues refunded!!!

Monday is Model It Monday

Strike a pose ladies!!!  Post a picture of you and your little one(s) in your favorite carry.  A winner will be chosen from those who enter.  Please be sure to post “Model It Monday” when you post your picture!   The Prize is donated by Paula Lister of Spa 4 You.  You can find out more about Spa 4 You at or

Traditional Tuesday

Back to the basics.  Post your picture and be sure to add “Traditional Tuesday” in your post.  Here is your opportunity to display the history of babywearing, carriers from different cultures, or even celebrate your own “workhorse” carriers.


Workout Wednesday

Post your favorite babywearing safe workout picture.  Nicci Howard from HeartStrong Fitness will be providing us with a babywearing workout today!  You can learn more about Nicci and HeartStrong Fitness at or  Post your pictures and be sure to add “Workout Wednesday” to your picture! A winner will be chosen from all of those who enter.  The Prize is donated by Paula Lister of Spa 4 You.  You can find out more about Spa 4 You at or

Tutorial Thursday

Get Creative and post a creative video showing how you babywear or something you can do because you babywear! Work together if you want to, make it fun!  Today you can win a Little Frog Carrier bag from Sprouting Up.  Post those pictures or videos!   Learn more at or

Funday Friday

Today is all about FUN! Have fun…as if you won’t be having fun all week! 🙂  Post your favorite silly picture today.  Be sure to add “Funday Friday” to your pictures! Friday’s give away is a members only drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate to Comfy Joey.  Learn more about Comfy Joey from their website

Friday at 5pm the fun continues into the evening.  Join us for a fun, crafty night at Megan’s house.  Bring some snacks, whatever you’d like to drink, your creative sign-making materials of choice and get your crafting on!

Shout It Saturday

Join us for our second annual Babywearing Walk In The Park at Stephens Lake. We had so much fun last year!  We will have even more fun this year.   We will begin the walk at 10:00 am sharp.  Bring your camera as well as family and friends!  Did someone say group picture opportunity?!?! We encourage you to make signs to post around the lake to educate people about the many benefits of babywearing and babywearing in general.  Please feel free to join us at the sign-making fun on Friday evening!  We will have another give away on Saturday, but you must be present to win this one!

Social Media Sunday

Social medial Sunday is all about Social Media! Get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media sites you use and tell them all about babywearing!  If you are on Twitter, Babywearing International will be hosting a twitter party.  Post a babywearing picture, share our facebook page, share our website, thank the numerous babywearing week supporters.  We will be sharing pictures from the week!   Help us tell the world about Babywearing! Wear all the babies!  🙂

Please be sure to thank all of our wonderful sponsors and everyone who worked so hard to make this amazing week happen!


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