Babywearing International Loves Babywearing!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Babywearing International of Central Missouri!

We all love babywearing! That is what brought us to this wonderful group filled with amazing families! Each month we get together and talk about the benefits of babywearing, try on carriers, and chat with each other.  We wanted to see why you love babywearing.  We asked our members to share their favorite babywearing pictures that showed why they loved babywearing.  The pictures that were shared were wonderful!


“My profile pic is my favorite that I have. She fell asleep at a loud concert with me. It was really crowded, but she felt safe and relaxed because she was being worn, and I had so much fun with her there with me. That is a good example of something I wouldn’t have attempted doing with her without babywearing.” -Ann


 “I’m a new momma and don’t have much experience at this yet, but babywearing my little boy allows us both to benefit from skin contact and lots of snuggle time, while still giving me some hands free time throughout the day. We both LOVE it!” -Jenna


“Babywearing lets me cuddle with my little guy and be hands free! This was right before a campfire at our house this fall. I also relied on babywearing to keep Chase safe around the fire!” -Andrea


“Can cuddle two babies at once!” – Liz


 “I don’t know how I am supposed to pick one!  I really have to say that it is the babywearing in every day life that is invaluable.  However, we spent 9 days in Hawaii last summer and did things every day that basically required babywearing and this is one of my favorite pictures.” -Rebecca

We all love a good daddy babywearing picture or two!

Image  Image

Happy Valentine’s day from BWI of Central Missouri!