Close Enough to Kiss

Close enough to kiss

When wearing your baby, make sure the top of baby’s head is close enough to kiss!  Happy Babywearing!


A Child Not Lost

A child may not know what direction he is going, but when he is attached to you, he doesn't feel lost.- Gordon Neufeld

There are many great benefits of babywearing and feeling close to your child is just one of them.  Thanks for visiting our page!  Feel free to take a look around.

IBW Photo Scavenger Hunt, Mid-Missouri

Mid-Missouri Photo Scavenger Hunt

International Babywearing Week 2015

International Babywearing Week is upon us!  Members of the Central Missouri Babywearers Group are invited to participate in our Photo Scavenger Hunt on Facebook.   Here are the details!

Babywearing Week- Mid-MOPhoto Scavenger Hunt

When is it?

October 4th-10th, 2015

What is the Scavenger Hunt?

All week long, Facebook posts will go up asking you to submit pictures of babywearing to enter drawings for giveaway items.

How do I Participate?

Join the Central Missouri Babywearers Facebook Group (local babywearers only, please!) and watch for the posts to go out each day.  You’ll add your picture to the comments of each post when you see the challenge go up!

How Many Challenges Will There Be?

There will be a new challenge each day from Saturday October 4th through Thursday October 8th (6 total)

When Will the Winners Be Announced?

Winners will be announced Friday evening.  There will be one winner per challenge plus an overall winner for creativity!

What Are the Challenges and Prizes?

Here is the list of challenges and prizes for the upcoming scavenger hunt!

Overall Prize: One prize will be given away for the most creative photo out of all of the challenges, as voted on by the group leaders (Prize: Size 6 Woven Wrap from In Touch Mom)

How Do I Enter?

When you see the challenge post go up, post your picture in the comments.  It can be a recent picture or an older picture.  If you don’t have a baby to wear, you are allowed to wear stuffed animals or dolls.  Submissions must be made by Friday October 9th at 5:00 PM

Official Rules and Requirements:

  • Official deadline for participation: All photo entries must be entered by 5:00 PM Central Time on Friday, October 9th.
  • Who can participate: Anyone in mid-Missouri who is a member of our Facebook group
  • Picture Requirements: Pictures must include babywearing of some kind.  Dolls or stuffed animals can be used in the place of babies or children.  The person who is entering does not need to be in the picture but she must have permission from the person who is babywearing (like a spouse).
  • Location pictures: For location challenges, the location must clearly be visible in the picture.  This could be the sign out side or some portion of the inside that shows the location (i.e. up close selfies with very little background won’t count)
  • How Winners will be Chosen: One prize will be awarded per challenge and everyone who posts a picture in the comments will be entered.  A random number will be generated using an online tool and the person with that comment (numbered in order of appearance) will win.  The overall prize will be awarded to one person for the most creative picture throughout all of the challenges.  That winner will be voted upon by the Central Missouri Babywearing Leaders group.
  • Picking Up Your Prize: Prizes can be picked up at any Babywearing event including the walk in the park as well as any group meetings.  Please advise us ahead of time of which event you will be attending so we can have your prize ready.  Prizes can be shipped if the winner pays for shipping.  Prizes not collected within 45 days will be forfeited.
  • No purchase is required at the various locations to be entered into the contest.

** This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Summer Babywearing

How to Beat the Heat


Cooling Accessories:

  • Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads

“Made from a hyper-evaporative material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch, The Chilly Pad® is an innovative way to cool down while enduring outdoor heat and/or high levels of physical activity. When wet, the towel begins to evaporate and cool, providing cool, soft comfort to the user. When it stops cooling, simply re-wet the towel in hot or cold water and wring it out. Within minutes, it’s cool again”

These usually cost around $12 – $15. The towel itself is quite long, so it is best cut into thirds. It works wonderfully to keep baby and wearer cool without getting them wet. Ideal for use with wraps, ring slings, and mei tais (can be used with SSCs as well). We do not recommend using with delicate woven blends such as those containing wool and/or silk.


  • Use an ice pack in carriers with a zippered compartment

You can use a structured ice pack (as pictured below) or a soft ice pack. Simply place ice pack in zippered compartment and you’re good to go.



Cool Tips:

  •  Dress in cool clothing yourself (i.e. loose, light-weight, and breathable clothing)
  •  Dress your baby accordingly. Depending on the situation, a simple cotton onsie or even just a diaper might be the way to go.
  • Bring along portable shade, such as an umbrella or (if you will be in the same spot/area) a canopy.


Carrier Comparison:


–       Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs) – There is definitely a range with SSCs, but on the whole they are typically a somewhat warmer carrier type due to the padding at the waist and shoulders. Kinderpack (and several other brands) offer a cool knit option or a similar material so that the body of the carrier is more breathable for baby. In picking a summer-friendly SSC, you could also seek out those with pockets in which you could insert ice packs as earlier described.


–       Ring Slings – Material does matter to some degree, but ring slings tend to make excellent summer carriers, as there is only a single layer of fabric against baby. Single layer carries in general tend to be more breathable with summer wearing. Linen and some woven cotton ring slings are amazing in the summer heat.


–       Stretchy wraps – Stretchy wraps are not typically ideal for summer weather as the material often doesn’t breathe well. The majority will leave both wearer and wearee very hot and sweaty. There are a few exceptions to this, including thin bamboo stretchies and the Wrapsody Bali Hybrid Stretch wrap, both of which tend to be far less stifling than most stretchy wraps.


–       Woven Wraps – These can be great for summer wearing since the wearer can select a single layer carry that will provide the utmost airflow, though so much of the breathability depends on the wrap’s fiber blend, its thickness, and its weave. Using a Frogg Togg Chilly pad with a woven wrap is a great option as well.


  • All Cotton – All cotton can be great for the heat, depending on the wrap’s thickness. It does not have to be treated delicately and there is no concern over it getting damp or sweaty.
  • Linen – Linen blends tend to do very well in the heat. It is a hardy blend, so it performs well even if it gets wet and does not have to be treated delicately.
  • Hemp – Hemp is somewhat warmer than linen typically, though you will find hemp wraps that do quite well in the heat. Like linen and cotton, hemp is very hardy and does well even if it gets damp or sweaty.
  • Silk – Silk is a more delicate blend and also less breathable than other blends. If you are in climates of dry heat, silk might still be nice during the summer, but it doesn’t tend to be ideal in our Missouri humidity.
  • Wool – Often new wearers assume that wool is only suited for the fall and winter. In actually, wool is quite breathable during the hot months if in a dry climate. The only concern for wool in very humid summer climates is the wet factor. You do not want to wear wool when damp, as this may cause felting.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo is typically an airy blend and has a natural built in UV protection; however this is a more delicate blend and extra care should be taken in hot, humid climates.


–       Mei Tais – The comfort of using mei tais during the summer months depends largely on the mei tai itself. Factors such as how the mei tai is made/designed and what fabric is used will affect its breathability. Using a Frogg Togg with the mei tai is a great cooling option if this is your carrier of choice.


**This post courtesy of VBE Megan Oberg**

3 Easy Tips for Improving Carrier Ergonomics

The topic of the month for March was how to quickly, easily, and affordably improve the ergonomics of a carrier you may have. Many of us started babywearing with a carrier that might be considered less than ideal in that department, and not everyone has hundreds of dollars to go out and buy new carriers right away, so it is great to have ways to instantly improve the one you have!

First, let’s dispel a rumor you have probably heard if you have spent any time on babywearing websites or chat groups. Narrow based carriers (sometimes referred to by the derogatory term “crotch danglers”-we like to discourage this terminology in our group as it is not helpful in our goal of encouraging all mamas who want to keep their babies close, and our goal is to help them to do that in a way that works well for them and baby) have never been found to cause the development of hip dysplasia or other developmental issues. If a baby already has hip dysplasia, narrow-based carriers can cause it to worsen, but they do not of themselves cause this problem. If both baby and mama are comfortable (your baby will let you know if he/she is not comfortable-sometimes mamas think their babies “hate being worn” and the reality is that they just aren’t comfortable in that particular carrier), these carriers are fine to use. With that being said, there are many things you can do to help improve the ergonomics and comfort levels for both you and your baby. Here are a few simple tips:

Narrow Based Carriers (Baby Bjorn)

  1. Use a scarf or a short woven wrap placed between the baby’s back and the back of the carrier (so inside the carrier), then passed under baby’s legs and around your back (you can tie in back or front depending on the length of the fabric you are using) to extend the support so the carrier is knee to knee. This can also be done to extend the life of any soft structured carrier (Ergo, Beco, etc.) as your baby grows into a toddler with longer legs!

1. Narrow Based Carrier Adjustments pic1

2. Narrow Based Carrier Adjustments Pic 2

  1. Use a scarf or short woven wrap to do a rebozo pass around the outside of the carrier which supports your baby’s legs (again, this can be tied in back or front of you).

Narrow Based Carrier Adjustments Pic 3


Pouch Slings (hotslings, sevenslings, etc.)

  1. If these are too large for you and your baby (feel loose, baby isn’t held tightly to your chest, baby is able to slouch too far forward), you can twist the shoulder over, and this will tighten the fabric to support baby (and your back!) better. Remember, the best carry to do in these is tummy to tummy –  the cradle carry is recommended only while baby is actively nursing!


Pouch Sling Adjustments Pic 1

2.     Pouch Sling Adjustments pic 2

3.     Pouch Sling Adjustments pic 3


As always, feel free to contact us or ask questions on the chatter group if you have questions about these tips (or anything babywearing related!). You are an awesome mama for keeping your baby close!

**This post courtesy of VBE Jennifer Stone**

Babywearing International Loves Babywearing!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Babywearing International of Central Missouri!

We all love babywearing! That is what brought us to this wonderful group filled with amazing families! Each month we get together and talk about the benefits of babywearing, try on carriers, and chat with each other.  We wanted to see why you love babywearing.  We asked our members to share their favorite babywearing pictures that showed why they loved babywearing.  The pictures that were shared were wonderful!


“My profile pic is my favorite that I have. She fell asleep at a loud concert with me. It was really crowded, but she felt safe and relaxed because she was being worn, and I had so much fun with her there with me. That is a good example of something I wouldn’t have attempted doing with her without babywearing.” -Ann


 “I’m a new momma and don’t have much experience at this yet, but babywearing my little boy allows us both to benefit from skin contact and lots of snuggle time, while still giving me some hands free time throughout the day. We both LOVE it!” -Jenna


“Babywearing lets me cuddle with my little guy and be hands free! This was right before a campfire at our house this fall. I also relied on babywearing to keep Chase safe around the fire!” -Andrea


“Can cuddle two babies at once!” – Liz


 “I don’t know how I am supposed to pick one!  I really have to say that it is the babywearing in every day life that is invaluable.  However, we spent 9 days in Hawaii last summer and did things every day that basically required babywearing and this is one of my favorite pictures.” -Rebecca

We all love a good daddy babywearing picture or two!

Image  Image

Happy Valentine’s day from BWI of Central Missouri!

A new carrier has arrived!


A new carrier has been donated to Babywearing International of Central Missouri! Thanks to the generous donation of Action Baby Carriers we are able to announce the Action Baby Carrier standard size in the Camper print will be joining our lending library.  The new carrier also known as an ABC will be available to lend in February.  This will allow all of our members to look at and try it on before it is lent out.

Camper is an adorable owl print in neutral colors.  This baby carrier is perfect for both boys and girls or moms and dads. This baby carrier comes with brown straps and an inner brown panel.

  • Can be used on both front and back carry
  • Comes with a security chest strap
  • Waistband height 4″
  • Width of shoulder straps 3″
  • Main Body including waistband 18″ tall, 13.5″ wide
  • Hip Strap 28″ to 53″ with 27.5″ of padding
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • 8-40 lbs


Thank you again Action Baby Carriers!!!